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Bunnies, Bears & Hares - BBH

By Jane

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My name is Jane and I have been crafting since I was able to hold a needle. I started making the felt bears as fund raising projects in 2017 and 2018 for a registered charity. 


Silkroad Surgery for Children supported a team of medical professionals doing reconstructive orthopaedic surgery and education in Myanmar.  During COVID I made bears dressed as nurses and doctors and gave them to NHS staff as a wellbeing gift.

The bears then evolved into a collection of animals, mice, cats, sheep, dragons, bunnies, and hares. The idea broadened further and some became super heroes, bears in sleeping bags, witch bears  with broomsticks for Halloween, a wedding collection, families, easter bunnies and Christmas tree decorations – reindeers, ballerina bears and bunnies. Then came the Noah’s Arc and Nativity Set.

I like to donate a percentage of takings to local causes. April 2023 donation will go to a local stable who are fund raising for equipment to start wellbeing sessions with the horses, to build confidence and help with anxiety.

I also like to produce other crafts including cards, knitted baby hats and booties, plaster work (using plants and flowers from the garden) and much more.

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